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Student Council Officers for 2015-2016


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Trii-State Bible College - Student Resources, Services, and Support
President:  Doug Salyer
Vice President:  Christina May
Secretary/Treasurer:  Charlie Dreher
Student Chaplain:  James Ferguson
Student Resources, Services, and Support

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Student Handbook

Several offices offer academic support (for students, faculty, and others) at the College, ranging from broad support at the TSBC Learning Center and Henderson Library to individualized support offered in the Academic Deanís office and the Registrarís office.  Click below to find support services that best suit your need.

Learning Center: Open to the entire College community, for those who wish to improve their academic skills and ability to learn.

Accessibility at TSBC: Inquiries about disabilities access at TSBC are encouraged.  Our VP of Operations manages this area for students, faculty, and staff. Contact VP of Operations.

Computing:  For assistance with Populi, contact the Registrarís Office.  For assistance with on-line course technical issues, contact the Academic Dean

Henderson Library: Learn how to access materials throughout the library and find out about library privileges. Contact Henderson Librarian

TSBC Faculty Directory: A list of full time and adjunct faculty, and their academic biography.


General Advising: Helps students set up course schedules, work better with faculty, and enhance study skills.  Contact the Academic Dean, Registrar or VP of Student Success.

Pre-Major Advising: Fosters the advising relationship between faculty or staff and students who have not yet declared a major.  This program will assign an advisor to the student who will guide the learner through the undergraduate studies.   Contact the Academic Dean, Registrar or VP of Student Success.

Financial Aid Advising: Helps students learn about and take advantage of available financial aid in the form of grants, loans, and scholarships.  Contact the Financial Aid Director

Graduate and Career Counseling:  Assists undergraduate students with deciding their path after graduation, either into a graduate program or into various forms of ministry. Contact the Academic Dean.

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