Tri-State Bible College

Rev. Jack R. Finch
President (email)

Mr. John Duncan
Vice President of Academic Affairs (email)

Mr. David Lambert
Academic Dean Online Programs (email)

Ms. Roberta (Bobby) Mercer
Vice President of Administrative Affairs, Financial Aid Director, Registrar (email)

Mr. Leroy Fulford
Vice President of Student Affairs, Christian Service Director (email)

Mr. Manfred Langer
Vice President of Operations (email)

Brian Trippett
Vice President of Finance (email)

Dr. Robert Hopkins
Master's Commission Chair (email)

Dr. Steve Willis
Vice President (email)

Mr. John Arnold
Chaplain (email)

Tri-State Bible College North, Akron, OH

Dr. Alicia J. Malone
Vice President (TSBCN) (email)

Ms. Keyra Sheares
Financial Aid Director, Registrar (TSBCN) (email)

Ms. Gina Gould
Admissions Counselor & Administrative Assistant  (email)