The mission of the Tri-State Bible College is to “Train Faithful Servants for Tomorrow - Today”, by offering a biblically oriented program which provides for a thorough knowledge of the Bible and for the ability to use effectively the Word of God in Christian living and Christian service.


Tri-State Bible College is an independent, non-denominational, coeducational institution of higher education, in the traditional Bible College/Bible Institute mode. The College exists to train men and women for professional church and church-related ministries and/or vocations. Providing additional training for those interested in lay ministry is likewise a major component of these programs. Seeking to be faithful to the ideals of this heritage, Tri-State Bible College is committed, in all of its policies and practices, to the unrestricted and rigorous pursuit of truth, to the certainty of values of human life, and to a respect for differing points of view.

The mission of the Tri-State Bible College is to “Train Faithful Servants for Tomorrow - Today” by offering a Biblically oriented program which provides for a thorough knowledge of the Bible and for the ability to use effectively the Word of God in Christian living and Christian service. Within this framework the college (A) creates curricular programs which (1) expose the student to the entire text of the Bible, (2) demonstrate to the student the hermeneutical rules of literal, grammatical, and historical interpretation as the indispensable means of arriving at the truth of God’s Word, (3) provide the student with the opportunity for directed and creative research into Biblical truth, (4) train the student in the expository method of preaching as the most effective means of communicating the whole counsel of God, and (5) develop the concept of world-wide evangelization in the heart and mind of the student; (B) endeavors to create a learning environment which: (1) is responsive to each student’s purpose in pursuing a concentrated program of Biblical study, (2) is aware of the individual differences of each student in educational background, learning ability, and Christian maturity, (3) constructively assists each student to understand and accept himself and others as individuals before God who sovereignly and lovingly bestowed  each believer with specific spiritual gift(s) which are developed and used to the glory of God, (4) assists students in satisfying their personal needs through Bible education, counseling experiences, and other school activities, (5) fosters the spiritual life of each student by emphasizing private and corporate worship, stressing the importance of personal application in the light of spiritual truths, and providing a chapel service, (6) promotes the adoption of worthwhile intellectual, esthetical, cultural, and ethical values for each student, and (7) provides a learning environment which improves the intellectual and ministerial abilities of each student through the development of Bible-centered programs, participation in Christian Service, and the provision of special seminars, courses, and workshops.

We strive to provide an outstanding education for a relatively small number of talented and highly motivated students from a variety of geographic, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds and from a diversity of age levels. To achieve this end, we recruit and retain outstanding faculty members who maintain a godly spiritual life and testimony, and who are dedicated to the art of teaching and advising; to the search for and dissemination of truth through scholarship, research and creative endeavor; and to service to the College and the larger community. We also seek to provide a supportive and challenging environment in which students can realize the full potential of their abilities and come to understand their responsibility of acceptable service both to the Lord and to the human community.

The principal focus of the Tri-State Bible College’s curricular programs is undergraduate education in Bible and Theology combined with career related professional minor concentrations, auxiliary Bible studies and appropriate courses in the liberal arts. Relations between the Bible/Theology major and the liberal arts and professional studies are carefully nurtured to provide mutually reinforcing intellectual experiences for students and faculty. These programs are designed to prepare individuals for positions of leadership in their chosen careers. In addition, recognizing its responsibility to the larger community, Tri-State Bible College provides a variety of carefully selected programs of continuing education via such means as seminars, Bible and Theology and Prophecy Conferences, and an occasional cultural enrichment segments. Finally, Tri-State Bible College recognizes its responsibility in maintain a position of excellence and scholarship in research through its encouragement of faculty and administration in such pursuits.

In its recruitment and retention of members of the college community, Tri-State Bible College, consistent with its academic and institutional heritage, maintains openness to all qualified persons.