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Online Application

Tri State Bible College has several courses that can be completed online each semester. Course offerings vary by semester.
Bible Introduction
Bible Geography
Principles of Bible Study
Seven Churches of Asia
Old Testament Poetry Books
Olivet Discourse
Pauline Epistles
First Peter
History of Western Civilization
General Psychology
Mathematics & Elements of Algebra
Survey of Missions
Spiritual Life
Hamartiology and Soteriology
Ecclesiology and Eschatology
Applying for the Online Program
Step 1:  Send in the Application Packet (includes Proctor Agreement) and $25 fee
Step 2:  Take Standardized Bible Content Test
(must have sent Proctor Agreement Form to appropriate individual)
              The SBCT is intended to gauge your current understanding of scripture and is not graded.
              The Registrar will provide you with an access code for the exam.
Step 3: Wait to receive Acceptance Letter from the college
Step 4: Fill out Course Registration Form and send in all applicable fees.

Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.